The subconscious mind power is a truly amazing thing. The power of this part of the mind can accomplish so many things that many of us do not take advantage of. I hope that this information on this part of the site will help you learn more about what it can help you accomplish.

Basically, there are two parts to the brain. There is the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind PowerThe conscious mind is the the director, meaning it is in charge. It also handles all of the analytical, decision making functions. Once a thought it accepted, it goes into the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is responsible for many things. Its overall goal is the preservation of self. It will do anything it needs to protect itself and keep it going. It handles automatic functions of the body (circulation, digestive systems, etc.) that do not require thought. The subconscious takes direction from the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind also handles the functions of imagination, memories, and emotions. It is through these functions where the subconscious mind power resides.

Once the conscious mind accepts a thought, it goes into the subconscious mind. The first thing that happens is that the imagination amplifies the thought anywhere from 0-2500 times. This is why sometimes we take things and blow them out of proportion is because of the amplification of the thought in the imagination.

Once the thought is amplified, the subconscious will then do a validation check. It does not want to be wrong, so it will look for other memories that justify and validate the thought. As an example, if the thought was “I am not good enough”, and it is accepted and amplified, it will then look for other times that you have thought you were not good enough to validate that thought. This will happen even if there are plenty of times in your life where you were successful and were good enough. Knowing subconscious communications can help you amplify the good thoughts.

The subconscious programming does not make decisions and analyze thoughts. That is the purpose of the conscious mind, so once you let it in, it is too late to kick it out. At that point, we use hypnotherapy procedures and hypnosis for accessing the subconscious mind and, through accepting new thoughts, we can reprogram your subconscious.

Once it has validated itself through finding memories that justify the thought, the subconscious mind power will generate emotions attached to those thoughts and memories.

And the last step is to generate behaviors. We tend to act the way that we feel. So, if we feel that we are not good enough, we tend to act that way, even though it is a misconception rather than the truth.

The whole process in hypnotherapy is to challenge the initial thought at a subconscious level, and then accepting a new thought. This will desensitize the imagination for that thought, it will compress those memories, eliminate the emotions, and then behavior will change because you will feel differently about that new thought.

This section will teach you various things about the subconscious mind power and how to use it to be goal-directed for positive things instead of it being used to amplify things like “I am not good enough.”

One technique that you can use is subconscious visualization. See how this technique can help reprogram your subconscious.